Chocolate Cereal Bar

Ingredients Weight
Tropica White Premium Compound 250 gms
Nestum 150 gms


  1. Add in nestum to melted Tropica White Premium Compound Chocolate mixed well.
  2. Pour the mixtures into a 8” x 8” square mould. Slightly press and flatten the mixtures.
  3. Chill for about 5 mins. Slice to desire size/ Ready to serve.


Tropica White Premium Compound Chocolate can replace by Tropica Dark Premium Compound Chocolate or Tropica Milk Premium Compound Chocolate for more variant taste.

Cruncy Corn Bar

Ingredients Weight
Tropica Premium Compound 650 gm
Cornflake 600 gm


  1. Double boil Tropica premium compound
  2. Add in cornflake and mixwell until combined
  3. And you can add in your optional flavour like - dry fruit, nuts, oat, chocolate chip, sprinkles, seeds and others
  4. Last step press into mould and keep in chiller 5 mins, take out and enjoy it.

Tropica Chip Cookies

Ingredients Weight
Biscuits Mix 850 gm
Buttermas 500 gm
Tropica Dark Premium Compound 150 gm


  1. Beat buttermas 2mins until creamy
  2. Slowly add in biscuits mix until combined
  3. Cut the tropica premium compound into chips, and keep in chiller 5mins
  4. Take the tropica chips mixwell to the cookies dough, and press the shape as you like.
  5. Lets it rest in room temperature 1-2 hours until hard only bake.
    (150º/150º 30mins + - )

Velvet Layer Cake (Kek Lapis Baldu)

Bahagian A

Bahan-bahan Berat
Mentega Buttermas 400 gm
Susu Pekat Manis 100 gm
  1. Gaulkan bahan-bahan bahagian A sehingga rata. (Jangan kembang)


Bahagian B

Bahan-bahan Berat
Tepung Gandum 320 gm
Gula Kastor 250 gm
Telur 650 gm
Kek Emulsifier 30 gm


  1. Pukulkan bahan-bahan bahagian B sehingga gebu.
  2. Campurkan dengan adunan bahagian A, gaul sebati.
  3. Tuangkan aduanan setebal 8mm ke dalam acuan, masak pada suhu 180°C selama 8 minit.
  4. Ulangkan langkah 3) sehingga habiskan adunan.